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PWT is proposing to the Onshore pipeline market the DWS.03 system for automatic welding, a smart
welding equipment based on three mainstays giving added value to site operations: light, flexible and reliable.

We create Customer success in pipeline welding -  almost 350 welding system have been sold and an integrated
service is offered to Customers all over the world : from Middle East to China, from India to South America more
than 25.000Km of pipelines have been successfully welded with PWT technology.

Our global network shall deliver and support simple and reliable solutions that are based on advanced technologies,
unique multi – discipline knowledge, in-depth pipeline construction experience and will ensure consistent weld integrity.


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PWT Srl is a part of ITW group since April 2011. ...
Published on 01/06/2011

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Divisione P.W.T. - ITW Welding Italy S.r.l.

Società con unico socio - Società soggetta a direzione e coordinamento da parte di Illinois Tool Works Inc. (USA)
Sede Legale: Via Privata Iseo, 6/E - 20098 San Giuliano Milanese (Italy)
Sede Operativa: Via Salvo d'Acquisto - 26862 - Guardamiglio (LO) Italy
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