About Our Company

PWT was established in 1989 as a private Company that developed its own market in the onshore pipeline automatic welding offering one of the first automatic welding system and range of equipment and components for pipeline construction.

During the 90’s PWT team created and developed the PWT-CWS (Computerized Welding System) and a range of accessories equipment for the pipeline welding, contributing to the diffusion of automatic welding among the European pipeline contractors.


In 2011 PWT became part of ITW “ Illinois Tools Works” , one of the most important multinational enterprises owner of the most important companies of the welding sector, like Miller and Hobart, with the aim of proposing a full choice of welding solutions available for all the customers worldwide.

Today PWT benefits of a global research team in Europe and United States and thanks to this advantage can propose to the Onshore pipeline market the system, a smart welding equipment based on three mainstays giving added value to the site operations: easy, effective and flexible

Our global network shall deliver and support simple and reliable solutions that are based on advanced technologies, unique multi-discipline knowledge, in-depth pipeline construction experience.