Miller PipePro ® Auto XCS Light

The Miller PipePro® Auto XCS Light is the right solution
for Contractors looking for a cost effective, true automatic system able to weld from root to cap,
together with the possibility to use different welding process with the same equipment.

This reliable and performing solution based on the classic MIG/MAG welding process (with or without copper backing),
benefits of brand new designed welding heads and advanced electronic components to increase reliability,
reduce spare parts and minimize site maintenance.

Miller PipePro® Auto XCS Light

The Miller PipePro® Auto XCS Light is offered with the static cutting edge inverter Miller PipePro® 400XC that enables the following factory process:

  • -  MIG/MAG
  • -  FCAW
  • -  MCAW
  • -  RMD

This advanced welding source is designed for the pipeline market and can manage up to 10 different welding process: from the standard ones to the most specialized developed for auto pipe welding.In order to increase flexibility at site the PP400XC can be disconnected from the XCS Light and used for GMAW, TIG and semi-automatic process. (*)

XCS light automatic welding

The Miller PipePro® Auto XCS Light can weld without copper backing using the Miller RMD process for the root pass improved with burn through prevention or with copper backing in regular MIG.

All fills and caps benefits from Miller Patented Automatic stick out control and for a fast copping pulsed is adapted.

* with the optional smart feeder suitcase.