Miller PipePro ® Auto XCS

The Miller PipePro® Auto XCS is a self-contained welding heads system, more compact and with
onboard control command.
The”mantra” of Miller PipePro Auto XCS is: easy,effective and flexible.

This means:


  • Simple remote with minimum number of buttons and switches, easy for welders
  • Single torch but highly effective process to deliver higher value for money while keeping it simple.
  • All electronic is onboard the welding head: less cables, less plugs, less separate boxes
  • Simple Windows software application allows programming and actual weld data viewing
  • Less parts, less costs and easier maintenance
  • Air cooled only, no leak sensitive liquid cooling system
automatic welding pipe pro XCS
pipe welding


  • Productivity very close to double torch systems but without any of their drawbacks: simple, light and reduced expat support
  • More compact: less wooden skids to support the pipe
  • Lighter than previous version: just  16 Kg each head to make it easier for welders.
  • Same welding head is  used on both sides: no more side specific parts
  • Onboard data-logging with wireless connectivity to download parameters. Logged data include each separate  gas flow and pre-heat temperature (optional).
  • Equipped with torch tilting, CTWD, burn through and penetration control.
  • External root pass with copper backing up to 120cm/min or without copper backing up to 90cm/min – 4.5 mm thickness allowing to remove clamp after root.
  • Able to manage +/- 3 mm high-low operation in slope and bends form maximum flexibility at site


  • Superfast disconnect and re-connect cabling between tractor and welding shack.
  • Same welding head can be used for both sides.
  • Same machine root to cap, same wire and adjustable gas mix. Change of torch accessories between passes is not required.
  • Thanks to the Miller PipePro XCS multi-process inverter repairs can be done on the fly using RMD mode.
  • Same pay-welder can be used in semi-automatic mode on root pass and mechanized FCAW on fill and cap for tie-in welds
  • Any light crawler can be used to handle the 700kg fully equipped welding shack with very limited foot print on tractor platform, or of course as well any heavier equipment
  • Any current diesel generator 400V, 3P, 70 KVA at 50Hz (or equivalent 460V at 60Hz) can be used to power the unit
Automatic Welding XCS 3