The Client’s satisfaction has always been the main objective of our personnel.

PWT’s mission is to offer a full range of services and products to support pipeline contractors around the world.

The best quality on welds means high production rates
together with low rates of repairs to minimize the cost per weld.

Thanks to the constant technological development of its products, PWT always tries to meet the customer’s requirements. The difficulties in finding skilled manual welders in the pipeline industry and the increased interest in advanced welding systems have created a fertile breeding ground for innovation. Thanks to its innovative working method and advanced automatic welding systems, PWT is the right answer to the problems of the modern pipeline industry.

Through this scope, PWT aims to:

  • Create customers success in pipeline welding
  • Ensure consistent weld integrity
  • Support simple and reliable solutions based on advanced technologies
  • Create and develop the company in the long run
  • Contribute to the wellbeing and growth of our collaborators, partners and employees.
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We Are PWT a Pipe Welding Company Team

PWT Automatic Welding Operation

PWT provides advanced and reliable technologies to create customer success: an easy to use system with high performance used across the world for more than 25 years.


30.000 Km of Pipeline around the world


More than 370 welding system sold


25 years on the market


More than 150 projects worldwide